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The last thing we ever want our furry babies to go through is the C word, yes Cancer. Just the thought of it is so heart-wrenching and overwhelming, that we may be subconsciously ignoring some of the warning signs. A new growth would catch our attention, but there are many other signs that are not so obvious.

The best thing we can do as pet parents is be vigilant and proactive at the first sign of cancer in our dogs. Because they can’t tell us what’s ailing them, we need to watch for changes in behavior or strange sensitivities. Trust your gut feeling. If you think something could be wrong, go to your vet early.

Physical Signs of Cancer

  • Large Growths, like tumors, can form and should be examined by your vet as quickly as possible.
  • Smaller Lumps under the skin can develop as dogs age. These are not as serious but should be monitored for any changes in size or discharge in that area. If these occur, a trip to the vet is in order.
  • Odors that develop and continue on a regular basis could be a sign of an underlying problem. It could be brought on by a cancerous tumor, so should be investigated.
  • Weight Loss over the course of a few months, while they are eating their normal amount of food, may be the sign of cancer.
  • Melanomas from sun exposure could show up as a lump on their skin or unusual cellular growths around sensitive areas such as their mouths, nose, eyes and pads on their feet.

Emotional Signs of Cancer

  • Loss of Appetite could be an upset digestive system or something more serious. Oftentimes, a bland diet helps to settle a bout of digestive upset and their appetite returns when they heal. If he still shows a lack of appetite over an extended period of time, you should get him checked out.
  • Lethargy, especially when he normally gets excited by something you’re doing, may be a sign that something’s not right. If he continues to show a lack of energy and disengagement from his normal personality, you will want to visit your vet.

Treatments for Cancer

If your dog is found to have cancer, your vet can recommend a course of action appropriate for your dog’s breed, age and current health. High-protein foods can help with weight loss, and there are medications that can help some cancers from spreading. In severe cases, surgery to remove the cancer may be an option, but talk to your vet to fully understand any risks involved.

A more holistic approach would be to bolster your dog’s cellular health at the structural level while boosting his immune system to help his body fight the invading cells. New developments in the area of nutraceuticals are showing positive results.

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